Varför Kina inte är ett kapitalistiskt land

Förekomsten av MacDonals i Kina avgör inte landets ekonomiska system, för övrigt gör Ronald McDonald en knuten näve

En del läsare av denna blogg kanske känner till att några inom Socialisten och inom TANIT argumenterat för att Kina inte är ett kapitalistiskt land. Här kommer ytterligare en artikel som går igenom argument för detta.  Varför Kina inte är ett kapitalistiskt land? 

Här är ett utdrag ur artikeln:

”China offers an alternative to the idea that neoliberalism is the only option available to humanity. It is for that reason that it is worth studying closely. The Chinese government intervenes extensively in the economy, and that has delivered outstanding results in terms of growth and rising living standards for most of its people. It shows that there are different ‘models’ from that of free market capitalism.

China is not a model in the sense of being a form of society we should or could try to emulate. It is an authoritarian society, no doubt about it. China remains a backward country compared with Britain or the USA.  Hundreds of millions of its people are still desperately poor by our standards, though 620 million have been lifted out of official poverty levels.

Obviously the Chinese way of doing things is not a form of society that we could import wholesale into the countries we live in even if we wanted to. But compared with the capitalist system we live under it is an undoubted economic success. China offers an alternative to neoliberal capitalism and a model to study for all those who are interested in improving their lot and changing society for the better. There are both positive and negative lessons we can learn from China’s example.”



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